05 January 2008

What have I done.....

....I must be mad! I've just joined Blog365 which is self explanatory I guess - anyone would think I had nothing better to do with my time - http://blog365.ning.com/ - let's see how long it lasts.

Scatterday V

Okay, I hope I have this right! Not the best photos but I only arrived home from holiday yesterday and today was just a blur of unpacking, washing, shopping, grandchildren sitting and downloading over 1300 photos from my camera! I rushed these photos through but I promise to do better next week! The Office Items stumped me a bit, I could only think of Velcro and do you think I could find mine - so in the end I went with my 'volumes' for Dummies! The rest is self-explanatory - I thought my V in the Visor of the car was a brainwave :).

03 January 2008

Happy New Year

Hello, I'm home again! Had a fabulous nine days in a little place called Tararu which is just out of Thames on the Coromandel Peninsular - 1.5 hrs drive from home. We stayed in a friend's caravan and apart from the first night when we froze (and of course I didn't take any winter woollies did I!) the weather was absolutely perfect, long hot sunny days (a little too hot but I'm not complaining) and lovely evenings with a cool breeze to go walking in. After wanting to get away to fill up my new 4 gig camera card I didn't actually manage to fill it but I still have plenty of photos to post over the new few days/weeks.

That's all for now except to say I've just joined the Scatterday ladies so hope to post my first Scatterday photos this Saturday. Don't know what Scatterdays is? Check out Michelle's blog where you can read all about it and have a look at the other blogs in the Scatterday blog ring -