12 January 2008

Scatterday E - 12 Jan 2008

This week I found one of the categories quite hard - Terrifying Things - there isn't much I'm terrified of and what there is I couldn't photograph anyway! I wasn't sure if it's supposed to be things that I'm terrified of or what anyone would consider to be terrifying. I did think of Enema but I didn't think you'd appreciate getting a photo of that! As it turns out I went to a funeral and there are people who are terrified of dying (not me, I'm going to enjoy coming back to haunt you all) - as there is no Epitaph as yet I've gone with Eulogy given by the celebrant (she is there).
Then one morning I was lucky to get breakfast in bed, soft boiled googy, but it was really was googy - not quite cooked - so as I was sitting there comtemplating it I thought, yes, the white of the Egg for the White category - I had thought of egg previously but they were all brown!
Then I couldn't think of anything in The Plant World that started with E (that I had easy access to) so I looked in my gardening book thinking I'd find a latin name of something I had in my garden, that was when Eggplant hit me, I had one in the fridge. In the end this week was relatively Easy.

11 January 2008

OMG - 1957 Bathing Beauties

Well well, I found the photos of me taken at Cornwallis Beach 51 years ago! Was I ever really that skinny! They were probably taken with a Box Brownie just like this one, I did own one once but I can't remember when it was - well you wouldn't either if you were as old as me!
And no you won't see a photo of me in my togs today - I'm the photographer and the camera can't get wet - that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Fun in the Sun

I woke up! Today was the perfect summer day & as we were granddaughter sitting we thought a day at the beach would be fun - and it certainly was. So we packed a picnic & drove up the road through the Waitakere Ranges to Cornwallis beach, it's a lovely long beach with lots of grass and trees but you can only swim when the tide is in otherwise you have to walk miles when it's out! I used to go there when I was young to stay in one of the baches (holiday home) right on the beach but many years ago they were all pulled down and it is now a council reserve. Mmmm I wonder if I can find any photos of those days - in the meantime here's a few I took today.

Blog365 - Day 7

We've been to the beach with our granddaughters today so now it's time for a lie down - will post photos when I wake up, if I do!

10 January 2008

Blog365 - Day 6

Yesterday I went to my cousin's husband's funeral at one of the loveliest cemeteries I've been to, the gardens were just stunning. I took a few photos for my cousin and am going to send her this little memorial of the funeral. I've had to blur the family photos to preserve their privacy. Another cousin was the celebrant which was lovely. He was in the Army in WWII so they played the Last Post, that was when I broke down, it gets me every time, I was doing very well up until then. RIP .....

09 January 2008

Blog365 - Day 5

Just a quick entry today, we're off to a funeral so I probably won't feel much like posting later. This is my latest LO from xmas day, we had such a fun day at DS's place and even though it was a hot summer day Becky still wanted to cuddle up with her new gifts.

08 January 2008

Heritage Photos

Another layout I did today of my two sons, they probably won't be pleased to know they are now considered to be heritage! The journalling reads:-
Letter to Scott & Glenn
I have very few photos of you as you were growing up. We didn’t have a camera and with little money to throw around it wasn’t a priority. I had no idea that I would be so frustrated in the future at not having any otherwise I would have made it my TOP priority. That is the reason I’m bugging you constantly for photos of your own children, I don’t want them to miss out like you have. In this one you are sitting on your favourite rocking horse holding Mintie the cat, c1973.

Blog365 - Day 4

I've finally started sorting through my holiday photos and realised I haven't posted any from xmas eve so here's just a few, won't bore you with too many seeing it's long gone. Xmas eve was a lovely warm night so we walked to a housing estate 5 mins away where every year all the houses put on a lovely xmas lights display. This is the first time I've taken photos of lights at night so I didn't have a clue as to what camera settings I should have - I just took one and turned the dial, took another one and turned the dial and so on all night, some were horrible some good and a couple not too bad at all! Oh yes, the Santa in the window is my bedroom window, would you believe the colour of the curtains is actually lilac.

07 January 2008

Blog365 - Day 3

Another hot day so we didn't go anywhere exciting. Some of the Scatterdaisies wanted me to do a tutorial on how I did my 'mosaic' of the weekly photos - well, I'm not too hot on tutorials so here's a brief idea of how it's done and then I'll look for a link to a tutorial on Digital Scrapbooking because that's what it's called.

It's all done in PhotoShop or a similar graphics programme. Basically it's done with layers of jpg or psd (PhotoShop) files - loaded in one by one and placed wherever you like until it's how you want it to look, then you merge all the layers together and save it as another jpg file and then you print it out and/or upload it to the Internet somewhere. Of course it's not that easy and does take a lot of learning, for me anyway, maybe you're a quick learner LOL - but it's a lot of fun and you get to make some lovely albums to pass onto your grandchildren/whoever you want.

My gallery is at http://dawn-in-nz.digitalscrapbookplace.com/ - do have a look around at the DigitalScrapBookPlace where you'll find hundreds of other digital scrapbookers and their digital layouts.

These are a few links to more information:-

Don't feel as overwhelmed by all the tutorials on this last page as I was - after the initial shock I just chose 'Creating Your First Layout' and the graphics programme I use (PhotoShop Elements 4) and slowly followed the instructions with a few swear words thrown in and I was away, the addiction was upon me!

Here's the layout I did today, click on it to see a larger version. Now you can see why I'm not so good on tutorials, absolutely hopeless explanation!

06 January 2008

Blog365 - Day 2

Well, I nearly didn't make it past the first day! I remembered just in time as I was going to bed - so just a short one today. The heat is starting to get to me but it's the humidity that is the worst, 83% at the moment, I have the fan going flat out but it seems like it's just moving hot air around!
DH is off for another week so we've decided to try and tame our garden, a very miniscule one thank goodness! When we moved nearly 9 years ago we were disappointed to find the builders had already covered the ground with black polythene and bark without first replacing the soil that had been removed, hence it's just compacted clay underneath! All the local cats think it's their own personal toilet so we've decided to remove everything and cover it again with something they won't like, probably a small stone chip of some sort. That is going to take us at least all week and probably more so not much time out for doing any photowalking of note but I promise I will post some photos soon, as soon as I get time to sort them out.
In the meantime here's a digital layout I did of DGS Harry on xmas day.