28 March 2008

Blog Readers

Webfrau left me this comment:-
"Interesting Dawn. I subscribe to your blog using bloglines. I used to be able to read your posts and see the photos. In the ones that you've done with livewriter the photos are no longer visible in my feed - I have to go to the actual blog to see them. I've noticed a few blogs where the photos have disappeared and I bet this is why. A different feed format."

I've tried Google Reader and have no problems seeing the photos posted by Windows Live Writer Webfrau, perhaps you'd like to give that a go?

Anyone else having problems with their Blog Readers and posts using Live Writer similar to Webfrau's?

26 March 2008

Yea for Windows Live Writer....

....it's a winner! It lets you do the whole thing offline, change the size of your photos if you wish, plus anything else then you just click on 'publish' and it's done - couldn't be easier. After a bit of fiddling and twiddling with the photo size it's now just how I like it.

Testing Windows Live Writer

I've just found this new free programme to write your blog pages offline so giving it a go, it's called Windows Live Writer.

Test of 'insert photo' - yes I like the shadow, wonder what size it will show up as when published? This is DD Justine with her very pregnant friend Emma, and this is Emma's daughter. Emma very kindly took the photos of the Whanau for us.

Okay, let's publish and see what it looks like.

25 March 2008

Picnic at Wood Bay

Justine's last day in town so we had a picnic at Lauren & Becky's local beach. We had the whole beach to ourselves for awhile until another picnic of people arrived. The more energetic ones had a game of soccer - my excuse was that someone had to take the photos! Had a lovely time until the council arrived with a big truck to drain out a blocked manhole on the beach - phew - time to go home! Justine's plane leaves tomorrow at 6.50am so up at 3am - don't ring Justine! We'll all miss you, have a safe trip home to Macau.

Man at work!

Now I ask you! Would you buy a car off this man?

24 March 2008

Family BBQ

We had a lovely family get together for Justine's birthday on Sunday at Scott & Kelly's place. The weather was perfect and we had a wonderful time except for little Harry - he had picked up some sort of nasty virus the day before and so he slept most of the day! I did take a couple of photos of him when he was up so I've inserted that into the family photo (click on photo to get a better view).

The Whanau

Back left: stepbro, dad, brother, stepdad, stepbro, c-i-l
Middle left: s-i-l, stepmum, mum, Justine, s-i-l, s-i-l, cousin
Front left: niece, niece, niece, 2nd cousin, nephew (insert)
Missing: brother & stepbrother who both live in Australia

23 March 2008

Party Time!

The Big 40! Justine in party mode. She's living & working in Macau (China) hence the red Cheongsam.

And this is me (& her father) wearing the same sort of dress many years ago, so many that I can't remember when! It was more of a Hawaiian theme that night.

I can't believe I gave birth to a blonde blue-eyed baby - and 40 years ago, I remember it like it was yesterday!