20 October 2008

Harry the Softballer & his team

I'm finally uptodate on posting my photos, this last lot is from Saturday's game.

Getting the low down from Coach Chopper.

Warming up.

I'm here, hit it this way.

This has to be my favourite of all of them - and there's Harry right in the middle of the mêlée!

Butter wouldn't melt in their mouths!

Shirt too big pants too long......LOL

Fabulous hit Harry, too bad it was a foul ball......

Okay be patient, just practising my stance.....

Great game everyone, three cheers for........

Happy little angel

On the way to softball he actually sat down (his choice of seat!) and sat STILL to let me take some photos, it was my lucky day! This was his angel phase of the day, the little s..t phase came later when he was tired out from all the exercise.

A little monkey

And now Harry the Mountaineer!

A little impromptu concert

So far we've had Harry the Softballer now it's Harry the Musician.

French Market at French Bay

The weekend before last we drove to one of our local beaches on the Manukau Harbour where they have a French market day once a month. We had french crepes on the beach and went for a stroll in the spring sunshine. People were out and about with their children & dogs and having a great time buying up at the french bakery set up in the Yacht Club!

This was an interesting tree I came across, looks Australian to me but just waiting on a botanist to identify it for me.

Photos from Healesville Sanctuary

Back to my visit to Australia in August. These are some of the beautiful Raptors that fly free at the Healesville Sanctuary Raptors Free Flight Demonstration. If you're ever going that way the Sanctuary is well worth a visit (and the price!), but make sure you put aside at least half a day!

I didn't take notes on what the different birds are, thought I would remember, hah right!

I've done a bit of research on them and I think this one is either a Brown Falcon or an Australian Hobby, I can't tell because they look very similar.

This is Beatrice the Black Breasted Buzzard.

And Ace the Wedge-tailed Eagle.

Ace again, isn't he beautiful?

The gorgeous Barn Owl.

The Brown Falcon or Australian Hobby again.

Better version of the Healesville Santuary movie

Harry's first day at Softball

Yesterday I went along to DGS Harry's very first game of softball (t-ball for the young ones) and what a time we all had, I think the parents enjoyed it as much as the children did! Harry is 3 & a half, not quite used to sharing the ball yet so a few tears but he's getting the hang of it! He's the one with red sneakers, the third generation of softballers in our family and the third generation of lefties!

I've just noticed the word 'thank' has been left out of the credits at the end, it took hours to upload this version (24megs) so I'm sure not going to do it again!

PS If you're wondering why this is coming up as a new post when you saw it yesterday it's because I deleted yesterday's video and uploaded a better version of it, this one is not so blurred!