02 February 2008

Blog365 - Day 29

How funny is this?

Broken Escalator - Amazing videos are here

ScatterdaZe - 2 Feb 2008

Here we are again, another week gone by. I didn't really feel like going out much thiz week, the weather and my feet conspired against me! So I had to see what I could find around the house starting with Z, I was really zurprized at what popped up. Something a little bit different are my herbal Zinger teabagz - then came the Zoom lenz on my camera - and lastly I grated the rind of a lemon & an orange to get the Zest and then shaped it into a Z, made an awful mezz but the zmell was divine! I put it onto a sheet of white paper, took the photo then imported it into PhotoShop and brushed away the background to leave just the Z!
Then I added a couple of alpha Z letterz, a clip art Zebra zitting down, some Zigzag ztitching, a Zero, word art of my Zodiac zign and another clip art of the word Zoo.
And there I waz thinking Z waz going to be hard!

Credits - All American Alpha by Amber Gray
Alpha Mosaic N-Z QC by Lauren Bavin,
Antique Autumn by Valeria Brumfield,
Chocolate Chip Cookies Alpha by Kim Liddiard,
Golden Allure by Valeri Brumfield,
Natural Harmony by Valeri Brumfield,
What's Your Sign? Word Art by Tina Chambers,
Clip Art by Wendy Sefcik, Seebee & pcCrafter

01 February 2008

Blog365 - Day 28

No photos or layouts today, it's been just too hot to do much lately & my feet swell up if I sit at the computer for too long :(.
I found this new comment box (you might need to scroll down a bit) on another blog so thought I'd try it out - at the moment it's free with just basic features but if it works well I might upgrade to the Premium version.

Blog365 - Day 27

Mmmm seems I've missed two days not just the one I thought I had - I think I must have slept through one of those days! Today's layout is the next month in my 2007 Year in Review album.

30 January 2008

Blog365 - Day 26

Today is grand-daughter sitting day so there might be a few photos later on. In the meantime here's a layout of my father, another one for the heritage album.

29 January 2008

Blog365 - Day 25

Another day another dollar - gone to my dentist! My front tooth fell out on Friday and as it was a long weekend here my dentist had the day off and so couldn't see me until today - hence me not getting to go somewhere I haven't been before over the weekend like I was promising myself - it was rather hard trying to talk while keeping my mouth shut when out in public! Besides it's too hot to do anything strenuous. Today's layout is another heritage one of my mother as a baby in 1913.

28 January 2008

Blog365 - Day 24

I've been delving into my family tree for about 20 years now so I've decided I should try to do more of my heritage album pages - this year is going to be dedicated to getting all my old photos done. This one is my maternal grandparents on their wedding day - they both migrated from different parts of England to meet, marry and live in NZ the rest of their lives.

This one is of the two sisters of the father of my above grandmother. They were both widowed in this photo taken with my grandmother's brother and his wife. Click on the photos to get a larger view if you can't read the journalling.

Blog365 - Day 23

Okay I forgot again! It's a long weekend here so we've been out and about being very busy doing not much really. Sunday morning we had a stroll through the local monthly artists' market day & bought some lovely scenic cards I thought I might frame. Then off to lunch at our old neighbours' new house for a Sri Lankan meal, very nice very hot!
No photos this weekend as I don't have much room left on my hard-drives (two computers!), I need to have a good clean out before I load them up again. Here's my June 2007 Year in Review layout.