14 March 2008

Yay the last self portrait!

Okay so that wasn't my self portrait yesterday, no one even blinked! Here's the real one, it's the last one as I've now done my month's worth - I can relax and blob out once more!

13 March 2008

Day at the Zoo

Yes I know I have my shirt on back to front but I like it that way! And no I don't think I'll look at Nana and say cheese today, she's so boring she's always saying that!

March Self Portrait - Day 13

It was Auckland Zoo's Active Movement Day for Children today and I was delighted to go with Harry & DiL (truly I was Kelly, truly). Another beautiful hot day and I wore jeans & sneakers - whatever was I thinking! I'm pooped so will post photos later, in the meantime here's my self portrait for today.

12 March 2008

March Self Portrait - Day 12

All dressed up and nowhere to go!

11 March 2008

March Self Portrait - Day 11

What! Me doing housework - never!!

New Blog

I've decided to split this blog into two, this one will stay as the PhotoWalking/Photography one and the new one will be dedicated to my digital scrapbooking/preserving yesterday's photographs for future generations. You can see it here - Yesteryear Memories.

Why I'm doing this is because I really wanted to post larger pictures of the layouts and you have to do that via a link to PhotoBucket (or similar) so this one stays with the normal size photos.

10 March 2008

March Self Portrait - Day 10

Coffee time! Poem is by Drew K, found on the web.

Vintage Memories

I love this kit of Irene's, not so much the awful photo of me though!
Credits: Altered Melody by Irene Alexeeva, http://tinyurl.com/3xclro

Blog365 - Day 66

A few more photos from yesterday.

DH and the usual grin I get when I say smile.

Quite a pretty setting really, shame about the colour of the water though!

Okay so it's not the most beautiful beach in the world or even Auckland but the locals enjoy it.

The beach is surrounded by beautiful bush & these tall trees. The Indian community were having an enjoyable sounding picnic on this grass area earlier, it really was the most glorious day weatherwise.

09 March 2008

Blog365 - Day 65

Just a couple of photos now with more later, I'm pooped. These are a couple I took at Titirangi beach today where we had a picnic lunch and sat and enjoyed the fading summer. Kids playing cricket with their parents, having fun in kayaks and there were even a few swimming!

Self Portrait - Day 9