20 March 2008

Last of the Zoo photos

My word grandma what big teeth you have!

Harry had a ball that day, I think his mother fed him a kilo of sugar for breakfast!!

Justine home for a quick visit

DD Justine lives & works in Macau so we haven't seen her for 15 months! She's here for a week for her 40th birthday celebrations, here's the first of I hope many photos.

From the left: SiL, StepMum, Justine, Dad, Mum, Harry, Brother.

I was going to take a whole lot of photos of the airport while I was there but we arrived after her plane landed and in all the excitement I forgot except for these two! This is Auckland's International Airport.
We went to Lauren & Becky's place for dinner, didn't stay long as it's a school night and Justine was dropping off!

After a 10 hr flight it looks like jet lag has set in!

19 March 2008

Meeting Aunty Justine at the Airport

18 March 2008


Sorry ladies but I didn't get time to do last week's Scatterday and I won't this week either. My daughter is coming home from overseas tomorrow for a week to celebrate her 40th birthday so it's all go. Sigh - wouldn't it be great to be 40 again!

16 March 2008

More Zoo photos....

Zoo Do!
We didn't hang around here very long, phew!
I've changed my mind now, I will say 'cheese' for Nana this time, but be quick Nana because I'll be gone before the camera focuses!