09 February 2008

Heritage Photos Again

Yes photos of me are now considered heritage! Born 1940 these are of me from 6 mths to 2 years - a two page layout for my 'Pieces of My Life' album.
Credits: As I Ride By by Elisabeth Weaver, http://tinyurl.com/24ycox
As I Ride By Again by Elisabeth Weaver, http://tinyurl.com/2sbpub
Charming Ages Word Art by Tina Chambers, http://tinyurl.com/3byyc5
I Heart You 2 Page QC by Elisabeth Weaver (slightly altered), http://tinyurl.com/33rdp4
Scraps of Us Word Art from Lynnette Siler aka FormbyGirl

Blog365 - Day 36

I picked up some fabulous Quickpages (also known as Ploppers) from godigitalscrapbooking.com designed by Theresa Borntreger a few days ago, this is one of them. They're so easy, all you need to do is add the photos and a little bit of journalling if you want and it's done. There are lots of places you can get freebies just like this if you look around. Join a digital scrapbooking website and get put onto their newsletter list, there is usually a couple of freebies in those each month. It's a start if you don't want to go the whole hog right off.

Text Paths #1 by Lauren Bavin, http://tinyurl.com/33whne
Journalling reads: The whole world is your stage, with your shining morning face - with apologies to Shakespeare.

Scatterday I - 9 Feb 2008

Something Australian was easy, one of my grandsons who is a real IMP was born & lives in Melbourne, obviously the photo is not by me but taken with my camera when I was there a few years ago (we don't talk about the hair, whatever was I thinking!). I also managed to get a not too bad photo of Australia the ISLAND on my TV screen one night during the weather forecast. The something yellow is an INDIAN sari I found in the window of a shop, there was an iron grill inside the window so I took it up as close as I could so the grill wouldn't show. Lastly, I found this horrible INSECT at the park today - okay so it's not actually in the air but have you ever tried to photograph a fly on the wing?
BTW there is a very easy comment box on the right if you scroll up/down a bit, easier to use than the other one - please use it, why isn't anyone using it?

Credits: Australian Opals 2 by Elisabeth Weaver, http://tinyurl.com/39y2r4
Australian Opals Addon by Elisabeth Weaver, http://tinyurl.com/34dr3s
Funky Fresh Alpha by Amber Gray
Glitter Alpha by Elisabeth Weaver, http://tinyurl.com/2dwl6s
Special Place QC by Elisabeth Weaver, http://tinyurl.com/2ctzzs

08 February 2008

Hot Dry Summer

While I was waiting for the washing to be done today I walked to our local Manawa Wetlands Reserve and was shocked to see how dried up it was. I've been visiting it for 8 years now and I've never seen it like this before. Hope it rains soon, the poor ducks are looking very lost!
This is what it usually looks like.

Click on this one to get a better view.

And this is what it looks like today.

Actually I hope it doesn't rain soon, I'm loving the weather and could go without rain forever if I had to!

Blog365 - Day 35

Posting before I go to bed today because I have a busy day coming up. Off to the Laundrette to do the washing, price some washing machines and look for photos to take in one of the Scatterday categories - something you find in the air starting with I! Is that hard or what? All I can think of is 'insect' but to get a photo of one actually in the air might be next to impossible! I also need to find something yellow starting with I - I'm going to the Indian Sari shop to see if they have a yellow one, then I have to talk them into letting me photograph it! It's either that or find some yellow Incense - which hopefully will be in the same shop. The something Australian starting with I was real easy, but I'm not telling yet.....
Today's layout is Becky contemplating something - probably up to no good!

07 February 2008

Blog365 - Day 34

Well it seems the fault doesn't lie with my ISP, still getting very slow Internet all around. The council are laying new drains in our street so maybe someone has dug into the telephone lines!
Today I have a layout of Lauren & Becky trying to drown themselves while on holiday a few weeks ago, it sure looks like fun.
The weather is a little cooler today, didn't have to have the fan going flat stick which is nice. Bought another external hard-drive yesterday so I now have plenty of room for my photos, sorry there's been such a long lull in my photowalking, starting up again soon.
We need to go washing machine shopping on Saturday, I found the original receipt which says it was made in May 1992 and purchased new on 7 Feb 1994 for $92.40! It's hardly worth getting fixed after all these years, up until now we've never had a moment's problem with it so it's done a good job. Except for that one time I tried to wash an old floor mat that disintegrated into a million pieces and clogged the machine up so bad it took DH days to get it all out! Anyone want to bet I won't get another one for $92.40?

06 February 2008

Blog365 - Day 33

Have been having computer problems today, my downloading rate has dropped to below 5kb/sec instead of the up around 250kb/sec I usually get. Waited ages and ages to download files and then all of a sudden they drop out and there's either nothing or a corrupted file left behind! I've been tearing my hair out doing all sorts of scans for spybots and viruses and you name it, defragging, rebooting, resetting the router, blah blah blah - with no success at all! Going to son's place to do my downloading tomorrow and if it's successful you'll hear me yelling down the phone to my ISP when I get home!
So then I thought mmmm I'll catch up on printing my album pages, did six and the black ink ran out, of course I only had about 3 coloured cartridges & no black in the house!
So in the end I was forced to do housework - how bad is that? Started on the washing and would you believe it leaked water all over the floor which gradually got worse so it looks like we might need a new washing machine, it's over 10 years old so it's not worth paying out heaps of money to get it fixed when a new one will probably cost less!
Another public holiday in NZ tomorrow (well today actually it's 1.41am!) - Waitangi Day - and it looks like I'll be spending it at the laundrette!

Blog365 - Day 32

Went to the dentist, this time took my camera but forgot to take any photos! I've been going to this same dentist for 57 years although the current dentist took over from the original one about 20 years or so ago. So the other day I asked if I could get some copies of my first dental cards all those years ago and he gave me the first four - first treatment 22 Jan 1951, I would have been 10 years 2 mths old. An xray and examination cost 10/6d, 2 fillings and a prophysomethingorother each cost 10/6d also, total £2.2s.0d paid for by the Health Department on 4 Apr 1951. And so it goes on - on 13 Jun 1963 free treatment and clean as a wedding present, I was married on the 15th. And an interesting little note on the 19 Nov 1965 'baby overdue' no fee - my son was born on the 25th Nov. Nothing much else of interest really, just lots & lots & lots of amalgam fillings that I still have some of today! No fluoride in those days.

04 February 2008

Blog365 - Day 31

Posting early today because I have to go to the dentist again tomorrow. Still hot although we had a heavy downpour of rain this morning, cleared up in the afternoon so we had a stroll to the supermarket for our weekly shopping - dead exciting huh? Today's layout is another for my heritage album, photos taken about 1956/57 with an old friend, we met each at school when we were about 13 and when our mother's finally met they realised they knew each other, they had flatted together in their young pre-marriage days - how spooky is that!
She just sent me the photo on the top left yesterday which prompted me to do this layout with the photos of us I posted a few weeks ago. I thought they were all taken at Cornwallis beach but those landmarks in the back don't look similar at all so maybe not.

03 February 2008

Blog365 - Day 30

Mmmm I'm wondering why only Andrea has used my new comments box and everyone else is using the old way - get with it boys & girls, keep up with technology!
Today you get yet another layout of one of my grand-daughters, fans still going flat stick here!