06 September 2008

Melbourne 2-3 August

So now I've arrived and unpacked a few goodies for Liam from his cousins back home, this is him in his Ben10 outfit with his Ben10 watch & a Ben10 toy. He was so excited he talked non-stop!

The next day we took a drive down to Williamstown for the day, unfortunately this was one of the days it rained while I was there so we didn't stay long. Have a look here for some great photos of Williamstown, I was disappointed I didn't get to have a really good look around but it was also terribly cold! These are a few I did take of the children's playground and beach on the

And yipee it's Spring - a lovely tree on the street where they live.

04 September 2008

Auckland to Melbourne

I left Auckland on the 2nd of August and as usual it was raining! DH tells me it rained the whole time I was away so I didn't miss anything. The weather in Melbourne wasn't too bad, sunny days but cold with the odd rainy day. Here's the first lot of photos from my trip.
At the Airport waiting to leave.

Coastline of NZ

The sun was just coming up as we left but we were going backwards in time so it look a long time! Because of bad weather we climbed higher than usual and all the way we were above the clouds that stretched to the horizon like cottonwool!

The coastline of Australia

Coming in to land at Melbourne.

Schmap NZ

I was excited recently to find out that one of my photos was chosen to be included in the second version of the online Schmap of NZ - it's the one of the Vaughan Homestead in the Long Bay Regional Park (#9 of 10 in the widget on the right).

02 September 2008

Fun in the Snow Two

Fun in the snow.

This is the first of a few videos I took while I was in Australia, mainly of my son, d-i-l and grandson Liam aged 3 yrs when we went tobogganing in the snow.