14 September 2008

Talking Books

Further to the list of audio books I was talking about back in May, I'm wading through them all very slowly now that I am able to be on the computer a bit more. I can really recommend these two authors and the nine books they've written. Peter Kerr's are hilarious and really worth getting from your library, Carol Drinkwater's are a little more sober but very interesting. At the moment I'm listening to 'Holy Cow: An Indian Adventure' by Sarah McDonald and thoroughly enjoying it, another one I laugh out loud at whilst out walking with my iPod!

Let's go tobogganing!

The first day we went up the mountain it rained most of the time but the small kid and the big kid didn't seem to mind, they were having a ball.

After all the exertion we went inside for a rest and something to warm us up again. It wasn't long before they were at it again though! More photos tomorrow from the next day when it snowed - my first time in the snow when it was actually snowing! Even I was excited about that.

Maroondah Reservoir, Victoria

We stopped on our way to Marysville at this beautiful reservoir, it was so pretty with the clouds covering the tops of the mountains. After looking at these photos of the Maroondah Reservoir I wish now we had had more time to explore it, it looks like there is a lot more to see.

Holiday in the Snow

While in Melbourne visiting my grandson we all drove to Marysville for a four day holiday in the snow. Marysville is about a 20 min drive from Lake Mountain Resort where we had two full days in the snow at -2 degrees (celsius), whatever was I thinking! No, really I had a great time and even did a bit of tobogganing but mainly I was the photographer who developed a frozen camera finger! This is a photo of me and Liam that my son took - great isn't it?

CT Scan

My CT-head scan didn't show anything abnormal (okay I'm expecting a few jokes about that so fire away) so that's a load off my mind. However, I still have the headache although my eyes are nearly back to normal, I now just have to wait to be seen by the Neurology department which my doctor informs me could be anything upto a year or more.