19 January 2008

Scatterday U - 19 Jan 2008

My word, this week wasn't so easy but I think I've come through Undefeated!
Where on earth do you find a cartoon character in downtown New Lynn starting with ANY letter - I ask you! So I cheated with this one and found one on the Internet and took a photo of it on my monitor.
And I hope a road instead of a street is okay, this is the ONLY one in Auckland that was anywhere close to me.
The Maori potatoes are cultivars that have just about been lost in the mists of time but are now being recultivated and having a popular come back - they are so delicious that you won't ever want to go back to the normal potatoes that have had the taste bred out of them - unfortunately they are also expensive at $8 a kilo hence 'things people would pay a lot of money for' me included!
I was having trouble coming up with something for this one until I went to the Alexander Park Farmers' Market last Sunday (see previous post on blog). I stopped to look at the Maori potatoes that someone was selling and instantly fell in love with the many varied cultivars, all different colours and shapes & sizes. I just about fell over when I went to pay for a bag of them though, $8 and it didn't even weigh a kilo! But after trying them I have to say I don't ever want to eat any other sort of commercial potato ever again. I also noticed from a photograph that there were two cultivars that started with U - Uwhi & Urenika - but the man told me they wouldn't be available for another couple of weeks so I just had to go with a photo of the photo and another one I found on the Internet.
Please could we have something a teensy weensy little bit easier this week?
Designs by Meryl Bartho of digitalscrapbookplace.com and alpha by April Staker of DigiApe Designs. (Click on photo to get a closer look)

18 January 2008

Blog365 - Day 14

Another day another hot hot day! Too hot to do anything strenuous so I didn't! Here's a couple of layouts I came up with. This one is DH trying to catch dinner - it turned out to be fish & chips from the local take-away LOL.

These photos were taken 16 mths ago when one of my grandsons was visiting from Australia, the only time I've had a chance to get them both together and what happened - one of them had a little tantrum! That's kids for you, so unpredictable and so darn huggable.

17 January 2008

Blog365 - Day 13

Cheating a little here. I waited until after midnight to do tomorrow's entry, which is really today! I didn't want to forget again, I think the heat has fried my brain, it's not working very well.
This is a layout with the photos I took on xmas day of the grand children playing the boardgame I made them - click on it to read the journalling. They did have fun but it wasn't moving fast enough for them!

16 January 2008

Blog365 - Day 12

But I didn't forget today! I haven't taken any photos for a few days, trying to get caught up answering my genealogy email from my online family databases!
This is a layout I did of grandson Harry at our place on Sunday.
This one is of our day at the beach with the grand-daughters last Friday.

Blog365 - Day 11

Darn it I forgot yesterday - really annoyed with myself!

14 January 2008

Blog365 - Day 10

As promised - a few photos from our morning at the Farmers' Market. I just love it, all the produce is so fresh and colourful and really worth the extra money. This one is held in the horse stables of a racing club so I was a bit hesitant but the whole place is so clean you could have eaten off the floor. I didn't do that but I did eat lots including this delicious french crepe with lemon & sugar.

This last photo is of the different cultivars of Maori potatoes, apparently a very delicious sweet tasting potato. I haven't had them before but we're having them for tea so I'll let you know what they're like. I bought the Raupi ones, second down on far right.

Blog365 - Day 9 - oops six minutes late!

We've been out most of the day and then couldn't get onto the Internet when we were home! Now I've remembered too late, oh well I tried.
We went to the Farmers' Markets held in the stables at Alexandra Park in Epsom this morning and spent a lovely time having French Crepes & Mochaccinos for breakfast and then tasting all the wonderful home made goodies like avocado & olive oil, chicken dumplings, chardonnay wine, cheeses, honey and some stuff I wasn't too sure what it might have been! Came home with Pendolino flavoured Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Mangawhai, 5 punnets of strawberries, a bottle of chardonnay made from grapes grown in Awhitu, two organic avocados, two bags of frozen dumplings and a bag of Maori potatoes! Looks like strawberries for the rest of the week, gee it's a hard life! Photos coming tomorrow, they're still in my camera.