28 September 2007

Day Five

28 Sep 2007
Weight - 70.6 kgs = 11.1 stone = 155.7 pounds
Steps yesterday - 6,222

Well that's got rid of the fluid, now to work on the fat! Last night I started to get a tickly throat and I didn't sleep well so wasn't feeling the best this morning, I must be coming down with some sort of a bug I guess. It was another nice day so I still went for my walk but not too far, just a quick one around the block again. I did stop to take a few photos of some Wax-eye birds flitting around a Kowhai tree. Was hoping to go further afield tomorrow but it all depends on this bug now - my legs were complaining a bit on my walk this morning, strained muscles I think!
You need to look hard to see him in this one!

Not good lighting on this one, fixed it a bit in PS but still dark.

Love the colour of these blossoms.

And these miniature rambling roses were peeking over someone's fence.

That's it for today I'm afraid. If we don't go out tomorrow it will be next week as I'll be busy all day Sunday.

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