31 August 2007

The photos in this LO I took last January soon after my new camera
arrived. The Westhaven Marina, situated right next to the Auckland
Harbour Bridge, is not far along the waterfront from where the
America's Cup was held in 2000.


Unknown said...

the photos in this lo look fabulous. Its amazing what changes the Americas cup brings about - we have similar views at Fremantle from when we hosted it.
Dawn, I am getting the hang of my camera a bit more now - have a look at my blog at:

Sharon said...

Nice pics Dawn - I must get down there myself - maybe when the weather improves!!

Pam said...

Wow this is an awesome photo blog Dawn! Made even more special as I recognise almost everywhere!LOL!
You really have inspired me to get onto this photowalking, I keep threatening to, ever since Sharon first mentioned it, but havent got around to it properly yet!!